Boat Lift Repairs

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With expertise in boat lift repairs, our specialized and trained marine electrical professionals cover Lake Conroe, Lake Houston, and other waterways in the picturesque Houston region.

Our services are available for both residential and commercial needs, whether it’s as complex as an installation of a new lift or as straightforward as adding lights to a bulkhead. Our electricians prioritize safety and service for any job that involves a boat lift, electrical improvements, or other marine maintenance.

Just like with the boat itself, boat lifts will eventually require service to run without problems whenever you’re ready for an afternoon on the lake. Whether homeowners are experiencing a mechanical malfunction or want to perform a tune-up for the start of the boating season, we’re just a call away.



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Common Reasons for Boat Lift Repair

There are many reasons homeowners should consider working with a licensed and experienced marine electrician. The naturally dynamic and taxing environment of the lakeside can challenge the operations of an electrical system. Hiring experts who know boat lifts and the specifics of our region will easily address whatever issue arises.

Common causes for boat lift repair include:

Cable Maintenance

The cable system of the boat lift is perhaps the most important feature of the system, and yet homeowners frequently ignore regular maintenance due to lack of electrical experience. Every season, at least, it is necessary to inspect for burnt, frayed, or otherwise corroded wires.

Any weakness in cables can be extremely dangerous, as it is possible they could snap while in use.

Misuse of Lift

Especially when a storm approaches, homeowners will often raise their boat as high as possible out of the water. However, this can cause damage to the cables, pulleys, and winches of the system. Always be aware of the lift’s maximum height when removing a boat from the water to avoid damage.

Electric Lift Motor Malfunction

If the boat lift’s electric motor doesn’t shut off immediately when switched off, the result can be both deadly and destructive to the vessel. Don’t wait until a crisis occurs to ensure the motor will operate properly at all times.

Collaborative Services

Your Local Dependable Boat Lift Repair Service

Whether homeowners are considering adding a boat lift to the lakeside or maintaining their current lift, they probably have a lot of questions. Collaborative Services is here to help boaters make informed decisions. We are proud of our: 

  • Long-standing, strong reputation in the industry¬†
  • Insurance and license in the Greater Houston and Montgomery County area
  • Equipment setup, such as cranes, barges, and hammer piling machines

As with all electrical and general contractor jobs for commercial and residential customers, Collaborative Services prioritizes honesty and professionalism for all boat lift repairs and installations. We are experts in this industry.


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